Shop windows are landscapes too. London. (II)

Let's get a little bit more serious to talk about the trends that I spotted looking at London's window dressing style. It's not a big scoop that fashion and art have been put together in order to seduce us. But this year, I found some interesting things.

1. Pictures and paintings gain prominence:

Pay attention to the paintings on the wall, put inside out to highlight the clothes. Playing with different colours and sizes helps to create a dinamic and three-dimensional set.

Nike's shop windows at Oxford Street make a statement... and they inspire some naughty thoughts to many of us, uh?

We have to levels of information on this store for kids. At the background, huge pictures of real children wearing some pieces from the collection. In a "close up" we can see fun dummies wearing them too.

They also included some illustration elements to make it fun and mix up the real world (pictures) and a fantasy world (umbrellas and water).

Another way to include pictures on a shop window: vinyl. Here they make it more sensual and interesting.

2. Building outdoors indoor.

Chloé's symplicity is wonderful here. I love the fact that the store turns into a shop window thanks to the organisation of the set. As you know -and Oscars have shown- nude colours will be a big issue this S/S.

Dior brought the Eiffel Tower to their London shop window. Instead of Marion Cottillard, some nice dummys rest on the Tower's structure. This time, Dior's bags play the main character.

3. Africa, recycling & collage.

Two of the most important shopping centres in the city inspired their window dressing on Africa. The first one chose B/W illustration to enhanze some neon accessories. There's a bike in their rain forest!

The other one invested more resources and creativity to take us to a recycling and collage safari. Trash and glamour together again to show us the best of every designer's collection.

This is another example of the outdoors indoor idea that we talked about before. Here it's even more interesting for reflections on the shop windows make you feel like the animals are really in the city...

His majesty the king of Africa, surrounded by blue ideas. God save the cellophane!

Cheetas don't want to miss the golden trend and suggest wearing it with white and jeans.

Don't call the Bobbies. They're made out of cork!

For once in the rhino shows his soft side and falls for a sensual woman in mauve. He's so soft that he turns out to be made out of cardboard! Please pay attention to the details around them...

Zebras don't want to change their Black and White looks. They put some touches of colour on the accessories...

Although this one, who is the destroyer in the club, dares to try bronze + maroon (I love it!) and tries to spoil the set. It's quite easy, since it was built with lint!

Crocodiles, who are quite into fashion -you know how they feel about bags- play it metallic.

To be true, I wouldn't get closer to them, eventhough they're made with silver paper!

Here are the monkeys, living in their chaos. It seems that they hang up a dummy upside down with a pull... Take a look at the golden jacket on your right!

And last but not least, here's my favourite. The giraffe. She's so cute and sexy! Plus she wears green, and I'm mad about green. Take it into account when you do some shopping, and don't miss navy blue either!

Oh, and look at those cuuuuute glasses! Isn't it fantastic?

I have plenty of shop windows left to show you, but it's enough for today. I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as I did talking about these pieces of art!

Now please tell me, what should a shop window have to catch your eye? Light? Wonderful stylings? A nice set? Playing with materials?

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My favorite window in London is the one of Selfridges.