Style in the night: Saint John's Eve

Tomorrow we'll be celebrating the most magic night of the summer: Saint John's Eve. I don't know how people from other countries celebrate it, but here in Spain we stand by a bonfire and make a big party! (We're Spanish after all ;)

So if you want to enjoy a magic night, whether you're a woman or a man you'll need the perfect outfit to beat the moonlight. And you don't need to spend anything, because I selected some outfits that you should be able to get from your very wardrobe. Anyway, if you feel like shopping around, any of the garments that you'll see here would be a good investment.

Women's wardrobes_

1. Sequin_ You possibly bought a sequin dress, top or blazer by now. It's a very good option for an evening outfit, and you can play so much with it! Look at these two gorgeous ladies for inspiration_

When you feel that the dress is too short, you can do like Peta -Fashion Director of a magazine- and mix it up with leggins.

Live in a cold place? A blazer or a cardigan will help you to look stylish and feel warm. It'll be even better if you pull your roll up your sleeves, and perfect if you carry a small clutch.

If you'll enjoy a warm Eve, this is another good idea. Her mosaic dress need simplicity to shine more. No blazer, no leggins: just a pair of cute sandals and a clutch. You can copy both looks, paying special attention to the smile!

2. Black and white_ This is an easy one to find in your wardrobe! A little white dress with black sandals or booties makes a fab outfit. In my opinion you will look better if boost the contrast between colours by avoiding big accessories. Just like her, no bling bling, just simplicity. Trust her, because she works as a fashion editor!

3. Risky combinations / Special accessories_ I love dresses in plain, powerful colours, like green and yellow. Do you have any in your wardrobe? Pick some black or red accessories and play with the magic of colours.

If you feel brave enough to wear a turban like this gorgeous girl below (oops, it's me!) you only need a foulard and some patience to build it.

Turning a foulard into a turban? How can I do that? It's really easy. Pick one that matches the outfit and suits you. Then play with it to build different volumes until you like the result. In the picture, I chose a foulard from Nepal that I bought at my friend Hummingbird's online store.

There are some easier options to look trendy: you can try wearing a huge bow on a hairband or clasp, chain watches as necklaces (it's been a long time since I first talked about them, so if you still don't have yours, find one!) Or play with the shoes: in the picture there's a super cheap Spanish version of Balenciaga's last year gladiators.

Are you going to a casual evening? Seek in your wardrobe your favourite pair of jeans, a wide white blouse and a pair of sophisticated sandals. Instead of buttoning down the blouse, leave the two upper buttons unbuttoned and make a bow on the base. Make it a perfect outfit wearing a small vintage bag! Decorate your ears with hooped earrings and tie your hair in a casual ponytail ;)

Men's wardrobes_

Hi guys, I didn't forget about you! As to women's outfits, I would like to help you out to get a St John's Eve outfit only using the clothes in your wardrobe.

As you can see in the picture, it IS easy to build a successful look with some simple clothes. Victor, on the left, and Xavs, on the right, show us how to make it.

1. Coloured trousers_ Fucshia, blue, green, red... If you have any coloured skinny jeans, mix them up with a basic tee (black, white or nude) , plus a blazer (you should roll up the sleeves too) and suitable shoes or sneakers. When you're not sure about which blazer to pick, black is always a good option.

2. Message tees_ As soon as you know what your t-shirt says, they can add a nice, ironic touch to the outfit. Take into account the colour of the tee and the print when thinking of the trousers. Xavs knows how to do that.

3. Blazers_ Choose it after the trousers and the style that you want to wear that night. Plain, patterned, playing with fabrics... I hope you have lots of them, because they are basic!

4. Nice shoes / Colourful sneakers_ I don't know how you feel about this, but in my opinion, shoes are one of the most important things on a man's outfit. A simple pair of leather shoes looks good with anything, casual or smart. On the other hand, colourful sneakers are fun and stylish too.

Still stuck in front of the wardrobe thinking that you don't have anything to wear? I hope you're not! ;)

OST: Que Maravilha - Maria Creuza, Vinicius de Moraes and Toquinho

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annie dijo...

Lentejuelas o tacones para saltar la hoguera en la playa? No sé, no sé, como que me pega más algo más sport...

Anónimo dijo...

No sabrás d dónd es esa maravilla d vestido mosaico, no??
Es fantástico!

Moa dijo...

Creo q me quedaré con el look vaquero con maxi camisa blanca (con niños no me queda otra, sardinada, hoguera en el mar, etc...)
PD. El mundo está evolucionando y dentro de ese cambio salen las "cosas q no nos gustan"... lo importante es estar!!! Ya sabemos donde estamos las dos!!!
Me alegra haberme "tropezado" contigo!!!